Andrew Parfitt is a 16 year old dancer from Hertfordshire, and currently trains at London Studio Centre, specializing in contemporary dance. He previously trained at Italia Conti Junior School and was an associate at The Royal Ballet School. This summer, Andrew will join the Project Dance Company, taking on the lead role of Kam in the company’s tour of Growing Pains

Tell us about your dancing journey, what has it looked like up to now?

My dancing journey started when I was 7 years old and I joined local Ballroom and Latin classes since I loved Strictly Come Dancing. I then began training at Kreative Dance Academy and competing in Disco Freestyle competitions. I became a World Champion and started training in other styles of dance during my time at Kreative. I then joined Italia Conti Junior School at age 12, where I trained in Musical Theatre and gained ‘The Stage’ scholarship to attend. While at Italia Conti, I attended the Royal Ballet School associate programme for 2 years. I am now training at London Studio Centre on the contemporary pathway and was lucky enough to receive ‘The Bridget Espinosa’ scholarship. While training, I’ve been lucky enough to also work professionally in a movie, on TV, in a dance company and other avenues of dance work.

What is your most proud dancing moment?

My proudest dance moment has to be dancing on live TV on Britain’s Got Talent with the Dane Bates Collective and being cast as a dancer in a new musical movie that I have recently filmed.

What made you want to be part of the Growing Pains tour?

I wanted to be a part of the Growing Pains Tour as it is a new and exciting experience for me. I have never been part of a touring dance show and to be the lead is an amazing opportunity. –

This is your first time working with Project Dance, what are you most looking forward to?

Since this is my first time working with Project Dance, I am most looking forward to meeting and working with the other dancers and creatives who are apart of the show. I’m excited to be inspired by everyone and to have the best time performing with them all!

What qualities do you think you share with Kam?

The qualities I think I share with Kam, is that, like him, I sometimes feel as though I don’t fit in with others around me. I use dance to express myself just like Kam uses art to express himself.