Our story

Project Dance is Founded

Inspired by the then recently released box office hit The Greatest Showman and in need of something creative to do during the school holidays, James invites friends from school to send in videos to the song Come Alive and creates a collaborative dance film with the footage.

After its initial success, Project Dance goes on to create three more dance films: Classical is Cool, The Easter Half Term Project and The Togetherness Project. Each project is held over half terms so that the team have enough time publicise the work and edit each dance film. Dancer Alex Jackson supports Project Dance and provides videos to be included in the dance films.

MTAS collaboration

Project Dance collaborates with the Musical Theatre Appreciation Society (MTAS) to produce a ‘Mega Project’ which sees Project Dance gain international participation for the first time.

1 Year of Project Dance

Project Dance goes on to make another 2 collaborative dance films: The Halloween Project and The Christmas Project. In its first year, Project Dance makes a total of 7 dance films.

The Project Dance Team

The Project Dance Team meets in person all together for the first time. From left to right: James Bamford, Niamh O'donnell, Maddy Warman, Cosmo Sudbury-Slight.

Also during this time, Project Dance gains support from internationally renowned dancer Amanda LaCount.

5 video productions

Project Dance produces 5 dance films with participants aging from between 6 months – 92 years old.

First in person film

Project Dance produces its first in-person dance film, where members of the Project Dance Community met for the first time. The project, entitled "Giant", can be viewed on our events page.

Our Response to Lockdown

Project Dance provides free online activities including dance workshops with west end professionals, a mental health webinar and online quizzes in order to endeavour to continue to make dance accessible to all during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Closer Than Ever

Project Closer Than Ever is released in collaboration with charity DanceSyndrome. In the height of the pandemic, this dance film was made to remind people that there is support and that they are never alone.

I Will Wait

Project Dance releases its 2nd in-person dance film, this time entitled, I Will Wait. Recorded under Coronavirus Social Distancing Mitigations, the dance film celebrated the community Project Dance had continued to build throughout lockdown. You can watch the film here: on our events page.

Creative and Social Purpose

Project Dance officially divides its work into two branches: Project Dance Company and Project Dance Community

Creating Opportunities

The Project Dance Company commissions 4 young emerging choreographers to create brand new works for the very first cohort of company dancers who apply to join Project Dance for a week-long residency in August. From left to right: Bex Leach, Issaac Farmer, James Bamford, and Tabby Somerfield

Westfield Academy

Project Dance Community works with Westfield Academy, Yeovil to create a dance film with students to provide me with the opportunity to gain an insight into working with a choreographer, cameraman and director.

Summer Creative Residency

The Project Dance Company spends a week in residency with dancers from across the country to create 4 new works for stage and screen.


The Project Dance Company premieres a program of 4 new dance works in its debut theatre performance: CATALYST at the Shaftesbury Fringe.

Best Performance

The Project Dance Company is voted by the public as Best Overall Performance at the Shaftesbury Fringe 2021.

Associate Artists

Project Dance appoints its first team of Associate Artists. Click here to meet them.