Project Dance

Project Dance Community creates and provides opportunities for wider society to engage with the arts regardless of age, ability, or financial situation.

Project Dance recognises the privilege of being able to learn how to dance and works to deconstruct barriers which may limit people from doing so. This has previously involved free classes for young people with industry professionals and mental health seminars.

Project Dance Community has worked with charities such as DanceSyndrome to provide collaboration opportunities which promote inclusion and unity. Project Dance Community promotes dance as it is:

  • A healthy form of exercise
  • Improves body confidence
  • Improves mental health
  • An opportunity to have fun, learn and meet new people.

" My experience with Project Dance really helped me find confidence in my dancing and really made me feel like things I once thought were imperfections are actually my own unique quirks. This helped me define my own sense of self. ~Past Participant "

" The opportunities provided by Project Dance have served as my only access point in to a world I long to be a part of however due to financial situation am so often unable to engage with. I cherish the opportunities Project Dance has provided me with to allow me to experience dance, theatre and film. ~Past Participant "

" It was an incredible experience and I loved every second of it! I felt so welcomed into the Project Dance family and everyone was so friendly and approachable. Such a rewarding and worthwhile experience from which I have learnt so much, I would highly recommend getting involved!!! ~Past Participant "

Bursary Fund

The Project Dance Bursary Fund was created to support talented young people who would not otherwise be able to access opportunities to pursue training and a career in the arts and also engage with activities run by Project Dance.

Building the
Dance Community

Previously, Project Dance Community has collaborated with dancers from across the globe in creating collaborative dance films, as well as with charities, organisations, schools and businesses. Project Dance Community can be booked to deliver dance workshops as well as dance for film packages, which provide insight into the production of a dance film. If you would like to collaborate or work with Project Dance Community, contact us here.

Having fun!

Project Dance Community prioritises on creating opportunities which are motivating, educational, exciting and ultimately enjoyable. We believe that sharing dance is a gift and are determined to share the joy that it brings with as many people as possible.

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